We have been providing Distance Buying services for almost a year so our clients who can’t visit can still buy homes near Disney.

Once you have decided on a viewing list of properties which you want to see, we schedule a live video walk-thru. We can do this using Facetime, Skype and WhatsApp – whichever you prefer.

Subject to your availability to travel we can also use Docusign  (electronic signatures) to write the contract.

We are also able to do ‘Mail away Closings’ whereby all documentation is sent and returned by Fedex or equivalent.

Together this means that if you do not have the time or inclination to visit Orlando during the purchase process, you no longer need to.


Of course you are always more than welcome to come down and view properties in person. We have plenty of face masks and sanitizer available to make sure that you feel safe at all times.


Remote purchase turnkey property investments in Orlando


Our teams are used to working with owners from all over the world.


You do not need to be here in Orlando because we take care of your property as though it is one of our own.


We deal with bookings, maintenance, management and cleaning. You have peace of mind and your guests have a great vacation.


Distance Buying is only the beginning

Once you have purchased a vacation home, our teams can provide a complete Turney Service. We have the very best furnishing teams, management and booking teams and CPA’s to ensure that your investment runs smoothly.

Contact us and let us assist you in finding the perfect vacation home / investment property for you.


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